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Another Day 1 trimming clinic was done and dusted at Twin Peaks Farm, Biarra.

We had a great bunch of students that showed so much interest in understanding what is involved in knowing what is behind the trimming process of doing the trim on their horses.

At Animal Biomechanical Solutions, we teach you to understand why, when, and when not to, along with The pathology of trimming the equine foot.

We hope everybody that attended the clinic had a fanatic day and a great learning experience, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next Day 2 Trimming Clinic.

Thanks, everybody, for a great day.

It is great to see when the parking area at the farm is filling up.
The parking area at Twin Peaks Farm
Hands on is the best way to learn.
Dr Lena passing on her years of knowledge.

The things you need to know before you start to trim the equine foot.
Dr Lena explaining the loading of the distal interphalangeal joint to the students.

Distal joint flexibility and mobility leads to stability in the the upper body of the horse.
Dr Lena explains equine biomechanical movement of the distal limb.

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