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BackBone Acadamy Australia - Basic Chiropractic - Autumn Course 2024 - Date TBA


$9,500.00 Aus


6 months

Register online with the Backbone Academy

About the Course

Veterinarians, do you want to broaden your treatment strategies and increase your knowledge of animal biomechanical locomotion?

Is evidence-based rehabilitation and skillsets a part of your clinical reasoning?

Then 2024 is the opportunity for you to enhance your business and personal careers by joining us in Australia and expanding your professional education in animal chiropractic therapy and rehabilitation.

We are reaching out to all veterinarians and Doctors of Chiropractic who would like to broaden their treatment opportunities or add value to their existing business. This course if the perfect platform for you to start with if you wish to take the next level on the higher educational arena.

Your Instructor

Dr Ines Wecker & Dr Lena Clifford

 Dr Ines Wecker & Dr Lena Clifford

The course instructors are Dr Ines Wecker, who is the principle of BackBone Acadamy Australia, and is based out of her home base at the BackBone Acadamy Germany. Dr Ines Wecker has been holding chiropractic course for professional Veterinarians and Doctor of Chiropractic for humans for the past 10years and is a member of the IVCA - International Veterinary Chiropractors Association.

Dr Lena Clifford is the CEO of the Australian based company, Animal Biomechanical Solutions based at Biarra, Queensland. Dr Lena Clifford is also a member of the AVCA and has lectured internationally for universities and chiropractic associations as has Dr Ines Wecker.

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