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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The company founder, Darrall Clifford, who holds a Certificate IV training and assessment, is regarded as one of the foremost equine educators specialising in the science of equine podiatry, orthopaedic balance and biomechanical medicine. He and his wife, who is the company CEO, Dr Lena Clifford, live in Australia, and they both have a lifetime of experience with all types of riding disciplines and the problems associated with high-level performance, particularly those associated with the macro pathology of the foot and biomechanical effects in the upper body.

Dr Lena Clifford, the company CEO, has trained as a veterinarian in Germany, where she completed her PhD and Dip (EOB), and now specialises in animal acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and animal biomechanics. She has now joined her husband, Darrall, in Australia, providing her unique skills and complementary therapies to our clients' dogs, horses and other animals in their care. Dr Lena Clifford's knowledge and understanding of the sciences make her an invaluable asset to the company. Dr Lena Clifford is also a member of the IVCA, the International Veterinary Chiropractors Association. 


Our Story
Biomechanical Medicine for Optimal Muscular Skeletal Alignment

About Us

Animal Biomechanical Solutions are facilitators of professional animal clinics and treatments, specializing in biomechanical medicine in animals and the science of orthopaedic balance in equines, in conjunction with their relationship to the muscular-skeletal alignment of the upper body. Our motto is “Maintaining Health & Soundness”. This evolving science of biomechanics in animals is now gaining professional recognition internationally as Animal Biomechanical Medicine - ABM. 

Our Work

We deal with orthopaedic balance and complex hoof problems on a daily basis. Having Dr Lena Clifford joined our team after completing her Doctorate Degree in Germany; we are now in demand for her unique skills in complementary therapies, including chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies for all types of animals in our clients' care.

Orthopaedic Balance refers to weight and energy that must transfer from the upper body through the bones, tendons and supporting ligaments and accumulate in the individual hooves of the animal. Incorrect weight transfer will cause the horse to change its flight pattern and upper body muscles. Long-term problems will manifest themselves, and hoof and/or upper body disorders will erode the horse's performance [postural stance]. 

Basic Veterinary Chiropractic Course

Here in Australia, BackBone Academy Australia brings Australian and International veterinarians and Doctors of Chiropractic the opportunity to participate in a basic animal chiropractic course in Biarra, Queensland, at the home of Animal Biomechanical Solutions, which is close to the picturesque town of Esk in the Brisbane Valley. The course is certified through the BackBone Academy Australia, hosted by Animal Biomechanical Solutions at Twin Peaks Farm, and recognised by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA), the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), and the College of Animal Chiropractors, Inc. (COAC). 


We are pleased to introduce you to the practitioners accredited by the BackBone Academy Australia, here at Twin Peaks Farm, in veterinary chiropractic and are now qualified animal chiropractors.

We have published a list of practitioners who have completed these courses in veterinary chiropractic. The list is on our Practitioners Register page so you, the animal owner, can find a trusted certified professional who has met the requirements of this Internationally recognised course to help maintain the well-being of your animals. This list will be updated as new students become qualified. 


The Study of Animal Biomechanics


What is Animal Biomechanical Medicine - ABM? It is about combining the branches of two different sciences, Biomechanics and Medicine, that complement each other to focus on the whole body as a unique individual. Acknowledging these two scientific studies gives us diverse diagnoses and treatment techniques for prevention-based resources other than those used in conventional medicine.

The study of animal biomechanics is quite recent, and compared to human biomechanics, little work has been undertaken by scientific researchers. Relating biomechanics to other problems in the animal, such as behaviour, pain or performance, is not always easy and is an area where more research is sorely needed. If other factors are added to the equation, such as how the animal is balanced when in motion, then much must be considered when determining why such problems occur.
The answers may be more complex than originally thought. When the animal is in motion, most problems start and worsen as work increases. However, much of the analysis and rectification needs to be done when the animal is stationary. Are there any clues in the animal's body that will aid in finding what has turned a once quiet and contented animal into a sore and unhappy family member?
Furthermore, how do you find and effect a solution in these cases?


There are many clues in the animal's body if you know what to look for. These clues are really external pathological signs that can be interpreted, analysed and understood by a qualified therapist in animal biomechanical medicine and orthopaedic balance.

Traditionally, these problems went un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed in most cases, leaving the animal in pain or discomfort.


The truth is that when an animal is in pain, there is always a reason. If you have been through the traditional animal healthcare system and cannot find a solution to your animal's pain or discomfort, why not try something different?

Our team specialists are internationally renowned for their lecturing and clinical experience on biomechanical relationships, achieving and maintaining orthopaedic balance in horses, and soundness in dogs and other animals.

Give us a call, and together, our trained specialists in their chosen fields will analyse any underlying problems and formulate a recovery program to return your animal to a healthy, pain-free and free-moving family member.

Get back the quiet, gentle animal you first fell in love with when you brought them home.

Meet The Team

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