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2023 Australia, Basic Animal Chiropractic Course

Australia, 2023 is a time of opportunity for Veterinarians and Doctors of Chiropractors.

All animals can be treated with Acupuncture


Acupuncture is one of the most well-known therapy branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

fitting shoes that will bring the point of break-over back to the point where it looks correct.

Definition of Equine Orthopaedic Balance®

So, we ask ourselves, what is the Equine Orthopaedic Balance® and why is it so important?

You have to wait your turn guys

Equine Orthopaedic Balance®

Correct orthopaedic alignment of the hoof and body ensures correct transfer of weight.

Worried Eye

Learn to Recognise the Subtle Signs of Pain

What is Pain?

Foal issues

Macro-Pathology of the Equine foot and Consequences of Orthopaedic Balance

Why is Equine Orthopaedic Balance so important?

Animals mostly love benign treated

Matrix Alignment Therapy

Matrix Alignment Therapy can be performed on any animal species.

A new life

The Missing Link

Architecture of the Foals Trim and Coneequences of Orthopaedic Balance

Dr Lena and her little boys enjoying the sunshine in Germany.

The Study of Animal Biomechanics

Get back the quiet, gentle animal you first fell in love with when you brought them home.

Understand and recognise hoof pathology.

What I base my techniques on

The hoof of the horse is a superb piece of engineering and biomechanics.

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