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The Study of Animal Biomechanics

Get back the quiet, gentle animal you first fell in love with when you brought them home.

The Study of Animal Biomechanics

The study of animal biomechanics is quite recent, and compared to human biomechanics, little work has been undertaken by scientific researchers. Relating biomechanics to other problems in the animal, such as behavior, pain or performance is not always easy and is an area where more research is sorely needed. If other factors are added to the equation, such as the way the animal is balanced when in motion, then there is much to be considered when determining why such problems are occurring.

The answers may be more complex than originally thought. It is when the animal is in motion that most problems start and get worse as work increases. However, much of the analyzing and rectification needs to be done when the animal is stationary. Are there any clues in the animal's body which will aid in finding what has turned a once quiet and contented animal into a sore and unhappy member of the family?

Furthermore, how do you go about finding and effecting a solution in these cases?

There are a lot of clues in the animal's body if you know what to look for. These clues are really external pathological signs that can be interpreted, diagnosed and understood by a qualified therapist in animal biomechanical medicine and orthopaedic balance.

Traditionally these problems went un-diagnosed, or misdiagnosed in most cases, leaving the animal to remain in some form of pain or discomfort.

The truth is that when an animal is in pain there is always a reason. If you have been through the traditional animal healthcare system and still cannot find a solution to your animal's pain or discomfort, why not try something different.

Our specialists are internationally renowned for their lecturing and clinical experience on biomechanical relationships and achieving and maintaining orthopaedic balance in horses, and soundness in dogs and other animals.

Give us a call and together our trained specialists in their chosen fields will diagnose any underlying problems and formulate a program of recovery to return your animal back to a healthy, pain-free and free-moving member of the family.

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