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The Missing Link

Architecture of the Foals Trim and Coneequences of Orthopaedic Balance

The Missing Link

Horse owners are often concerned as to when their foal/s have their first hoof trim.

This is a question that raises considerable debate in the professional and nonprofessional arena. Suggestions from some professionals (veterinarians, farriers, the racing industry etc.) are that foals don’t need hoof care until they reach the age of one year or when they start training for their riding career. This could mean that the foal’s hoof care program would be non-existent for a time frame of anything from birth up to the time they reach two or three years of age. This is unacceptable if we consider that proper hoof care is an animal welfare issue and not unfortunately just a financial concern as in the majority of cases. The equine industry should be placing much more importance on ensuring that shortly after birth the foal is given the best chance of ensuring quality of life and longevity by initiation of a regular trimming and chiropractic program.

Please read more by following the link to a paper by Darrall Clifford for the 2016 American Veterinary Association conference in Orlando, Florida:

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