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Basic Trimming Course - Day 1




1 Day

08th, June 2024, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Places are limited.

About the Course

This course would be suited to any horse owner, vet or hoof trimmer/farrier that wants to further their knowledge in hoof care. The course will cover half a day of theory and half a day of trimming. We will cover basic hoof anatomy, basic hoof architecture and our EOB trimming principles, as well as the importance of the hoof balance and hoof upper body connection. There will also be a component about tool handling and trimming theory.

These trimming courses are designed to further your hoof care knowledge. Therefore, you start with attending your first course called Day 1. If you wish to further your knowledge and skills on the subject then you are able to work on that by attending the next progressive trimming course called Day 2, then Day 3 and-so-on until you have achieved what you wish to accomplish.

Your Instructor

Dr Lena Clifford and Darrall Clifford TAE cert IV

Dr Lena Clifford and Darrall Clifford TAE cert IV

Your instructors are very qualified and willing to help each course participant achieve what they wish to accomplish through attending these trimming courses. Darrall Clifford has had over 50 years of experience as a farrier and now an international lecturer in the field of equine biomechanical medicine. Dr Lena Clifford has had over 10 years of experience in the specialist field of Orthopaedic Balance in equines.

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