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It is now 2021, and the author is encouraged by the acceptance of their first book “Equine Orthopaedic Balance®, to put pen to paper and publish their second book, “Equine Biomechanical Medicine”, and future explores the influence of hoof balance on the equine body as a whole.


If you have read “Equine Orthopaedic Balance®, you will know the author's interest in studying equine behaviour and the entire horse's physical structures. Then, they systematically arrange their findings and identify the general rules to encompass all aspects of the animal presented for treatment.


It is now 2023 and my second book will continue on from my first book, "Equine Orthopaedic Balance®", and will explain how weight and energy are transferred directly through the limbs of the horse to the bone structure of the feet. Therefore, the hoof capsule must encapsulate the bone symmetrically if the weight and power of the animal are to be transferred to the ground correctly.


Learn how incorrect weight transfer will cause the horse to change its flight pattern and upper body muscles. And how long-term problems will manifest themselves as hoof or upper body disorders that will erode the performance of the horse.


This book will add to the wealth of information in my first book and explain how imbalance will change the hoof capsule shape you wish to change when we trim or shoe our horses' feet.


Equine Biomechanical Medicine

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  • The author's reasoning for publishing “Equine Biomechanical Medicine” is so their students and people reading this book can fully understand the depths and complexities of trimming or shoeing the equine foot and being aware of the animal’s behavioural traits experiencing pain. We all must first acknowledge the complexities of the different biological systems we are about to work with and then interpret the unique individual responses we observe and appreciate the result our interaction will have on the entire animal.

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