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Welcome To Animal Biomechanical Solutions - Courses

Trimming Courses

A valuable insight can be obtained through the structured lectures and live demonstrations that EOB has developed as part of these introductory courses.
With your participation in this introduction course, you will receive the same leading educational material developed for the international community of professional hoof care providers, Farriers, Veterinarians and Universities.
This exchange of knowledge we believe would be a contributing factor in the attending participants' understanding of biomechanical medicine and the implications of instigating any trimming and shoeing strategies in the clinical environment.

Course Dates

Courses are run throughout the year with the first course you attend being labelled Day 1. If you wish to add to your continuing knowledge you can attend additional courses that will be advertised as Day 2 and so on.
Please check the Our Events Schedule Page for up-and-coming course dates.


1853 Esk Crows Nest Road, Biarra, Queensland 4313, Australia

Introduction To Equine Orthopaedic Balance®

The ultimate aim of this introductory course is to provide up-to-date world-leading information on animal biomechanical medicine for optimal skeletal alignment in the equine.

This course is dedicated to providing leading-edge information on hoof pathologies and their consequences for the upper torso of the equine. Therefore, many elements focus on scientific and proven clinical practices which identify these pathologies in the early stage.

Course Recognition

The courses our Company has developed have been recognised by many international organisations as a leader in education and training for professional equine healthcare providers and horse owners alike.
We believe there is a need for the science of animal biomechanical medicine to be made available not just to the equine but all animals in human care.

The ultimate aim of the company is to provide up-to-date world-leading information on animal biomechanical medicine for optimal skeletal alignment in your animal.

We are facilitators of professional clinics specializing in equine structural and functional podiatry, the science of equine orthopaedics and biomechanics in conjunction with their relationship to the muscular-skeletal alignment of the upper body.

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