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Our Companies Profile

Welcome To Animal Biomechanical Solutions

Our Company is a facilitator of professional animal clinics and treatments, specializing in biomechanical medicine in all animals and the science of orthopaedic balance in equines, in conjunction with their relationship to the muscular-skeletal alignment of the upper body. We are based in Biarra, Queensland but we regularly travel internationally to lecture and consult on animal health.

The ultimate aim of the company is to provide up-to-date world-leading information on biomechanical medicine for optimal skeletal alignment in your animal.

A valuable insight can be obtained through the structured lectures and live demonstrations that EOB has developed as part of these introductory courses.

Equine Orthopaedic Balance® is the registered trademark of our Company Animal Biomechanical Solutions.

When the internal hoof tissue of the foot is placed under stress, the biomechanics and musculoskeletal alignment of the upper body are affected, and all aspects of limb and hoof flight change . It is imperative to recognise these influences in the distal tendon, ligaments, and the horse's upper body to determine how the foot must be trimmed and shod. This rebalancing of the foot is the single most influential factor in changing the biomechanics of the foot and upper body of the horse.


Birra, Queensland, Australia.

Equine Orthopaedic Balance®

Weight and energy are transferred directly through the limbs to the bone structure of the feet. Therefore, the hoof capsule must encapsulate the bones symmetrically if the weight and power of the animal are to be transferred to the ground correctly. Incorrect weight transfer will cause the horse to change its flight pattern, upper body muscles and the amount of power the animal can transfer through its limbs to the ground. Long-term problems will manifest themselves, and hoof and/or upper body disorders will erode the horse's performance.

Hoof trimming must correctly and orthopaedically align the hoof, tendons, ligaments, and body if the correct weight transfer through the muscular-skeletal system to the ground occurs in all four feet. This valid weight transfer throughout the horse's body is the essence of 'Orthopaedic Balance'.

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